Takeoff performance calculations

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I’m just running some takeoff calculations and had a quick two part question.

  1. Since we do not have the option to perform Packs on/off takeoffs, does Infinite Flight make the max available thrust with, or without bleed air being diverted to the packs?

  2. I’m just tacking this on as it relates to Takeoff calculations/Weight & Balance

How much do passengers weigh in Infinite Flight?

Thanks in advance for the help!


Hey I wish I could help. With the takeoff calculations I use fpltoif.com which automatically calculates them. Passenger weights vary from 40 - 110 Kg (93-170lbs)

Yeah, I’m aware of Simbrief V-Speeds, I don’t find them usable as you cannot customize them enough, and it simply gives a “VSpeeds not available”message if the runway is too short.

Pax weights should really just be a number put out by IF in order to facilitate weight and balance calculations

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Yeah, on that side I’m not really sure I can help. Enjoy the rest of your week. Happy flying!

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