Takeoff Or Landing


Do u guys prefer takeoff or landing…why? Personally I prefer landing… especially when there is approach! :)

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Personally, I enjoy the landings more than takeoffs because you’re involved more in the landing process than the takeoff process. And like you said, it’s always more fun when Approach and Tower are active. :D


Don’t really have a preference. They are so routine its like why pick. I like flying in general

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I prefer landings. It tells you that your flight is coming to an end and you are preparing to get -1 fpm!


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I actually like watching my plane takeoff, but doing the takeoff is boring. Just rotating the plane, easy. Landings though, are super fun, especially in different weather. I really like high elevation landings, also low visibility!


I’m going to have to say takeoffs. I enjoy heavy crosswind takeoffs the most because I love the challenge of keeping the plane centered on the runway, and maintaining a smooth accent, as there is often a lot of turbulence right after you rotate. Don’t get me wrong, landings are still really fun especially in low visibility because you really have to rely on your instruments to guide you down.

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Landing is probably the best part of flying! It’s always exciting to see how smoothly you can land an aircraft. I personally like to rate my own landings 😜. But if I’m being honest, FLYING is just fun in general. Flying is life.

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I seem like the boring person here but I like taking off more because I don’t know I just know more callouts for takeoff and it is the start to your flying adventure(I suck at landing sorta)


I like landing more as it is more fun to slowing descend and butter on the runway. I also like applying reverse thrust and staring at the open spoilers and flaps all the way down is just so satisfying.

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I prefer Takeoff. I’ve always associated takeoffs with the start of a journey, like you are just starting your vacation, compared to how I think of landings as the end of a trip, going back home, which is sad lmao.


Yes so true so sadly true it is only good when you land there but landing at home is sad ;(

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