Takeoff or Landing? (IF related)

Since I looked and could find none…Pictures Media📸 brings you the first in a series. It’s pretty simple: Takeoff or Landing? You decide!

Feel free to post your own landing or takeoff photos and see if anyone can guess the answer! May the odds ever be in your favor…


And see if you can beat everyone’s “supposed” knowledge of this topic 😉

The first one is takeoff the second one is landing. Takeoff because if your landing there then it probably should be a go around and the second is landing because the reverse thrusters are going and the spoilers are up.


It’s not a duplicate. This post is for you to guess from the screenshots if the plane takes off or lands.

Well done guys!! Now you post screenshots!

Take-off or landing ?

Spoilers are deployed, so it must be landing

image pfff so easy

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The Approach?

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Lol that’s landing. Try and make it a bit more challenging 😂😂👍🏼


Takeoff or landing?

Landing who uses flaps to take off. Way off centerline might I add

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Landing. You don’t use flaps during takeoff in the Cessna 172.

Exactly ;) it is a landing guys

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And yes lol I wasn’t aiming to hit the centerline 😝

This is very easy…

I’m sorry sir you license to fly has been revoked. 😜

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Spoilers not deployed
Brakes not on
Flaps not set to landing setting
Throttle is at 100%
Trim isn’t set
To far down the runway for a decent landing

That’s takeoff if I ever saw one 😉

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Lol fine I’ll go fly where people like me 😂😂

Good. Hehe. That would have been embarrassing if you got it wrong. Lol.