Takeoff landing distances

Is there anywhere I can find approximate landing and takeoff distances the different aircraft? I have loosed at the community tutorials by deercrusher and didn’t find anything there

What aircraft are you looking for? You can probably find the operating handbooks online for some GA aircraft.

I am more looking at the commercial aircraft

You can search at wikipedia youre desired aircraft, and then you can scroll down on the topic where the information and details about the aircraft is listed. And on some aircraft it is written in ft/ and -m (meters) of the overall length of the take off and landing distances. Feel free too also use the manufacturer site also!

Check out this link. It contains many aircraft and includes things such as takeoff distance, speed, cruising speed and climb rate

(Note: Some of the information will not be filled out for certain aircraft such as the Dash 8 Q400)

Thank you!

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Glad I could help!

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