Takeoff issues

I just took off from JFK in an MD-11 on a flight to London, when I took off my plane started to slide to the right. If I never used my rudder I to help me not slide off I would of slided of the runaway. Can anybody tell me how this can stop happening to me?

So are you using your rudder to counteract the winds (assuming there are any)?

Yes, I think there was between 2knts-15knts of wind. I think it was something like 11knts or something.

If winds are coming from the right when you rotate make sure to put the rudder to the left so you takeoff straight

Ok. Great, thanks for the help mate.

Try adjusting (and easing off) between N1 and flaps use (N1, NOT % power on the throttle slider!).

I find that the more lift assurance you have, has never been the most pretty in IF. And I’ve been blaming crosswinds before I knew this.

Try to achieve that realistic feel you see in real life cockpit videos with the above balance I mentioned, where the ground don’t look like they’re moving at “lightspeed” and will took the plane almost a minute to go airborne, where it slowly floats up.

Ofcourse, follow the tutorial video, but also ease on N1 and flaps as your weight and METAR specs won’t always be the same.

If some people could land centerline, I could always take off centerline with the above balance I mentioned! Slow, but sure. Hope that helps, cheers! :)

That’s wrong. Simple mistake, but if winds are coming from the right on takeoff, you be using left rudder, to counter the wind pushing down on your right control surfaces.

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