Takeoff Issues.

Ok. I’m on the runway on takeoff roll, then suddenly at rotate speed, the plane banks left and stalls.

That’s probably the winds.

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Were the winds coming from the right? And what aircraft were you in?

A few things could be causing this:

• Ensure that you calibrate your device before taxi and takeoff
• Check your settings for Auto-Coordination. Some like those enabled and others like it disabled
• Be sure to restart your device regularly
• Make sure you have the appropriate flap settings for takeoff
• Make sure you have enough thrust

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What is your vertical speed? And use the rudders when your planes goes to left.

And make sure you didn’t turn on the AP before take off.

Move the rudder opposite of the way you are banking, and you should be good.

What was the airspeed when rotating and What aircraft?

I forgot to turn off winds. Problem solved.