Takeoff Issues

Hi all,
I have posted on this previously but I did not do a good job explaining the problem. So, I recorded it and posted it. This has happened to me on every aircraft, at most airports no matter the wind. This example is in the CRJ 700 but basically the same thing happened to me every time. Also please notice that I am applying rudder to the turn and I am not moving the yoke much. I re calibrate always and even there is 31 knot tailwind but it still does this with little or no wind. Any help would be appreciated! Here is the video link: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AR-TO4M1bd4]


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You’re taking off with a 31knot tailwind. That is causing a big problem for you. Also, calibrate your device before taking off. Your yoke was to the left slightly, which is going to cause an imbalance with your flight controls.

You are taking off from a runway with a 31 kt tailwind. That’s the first mistake :)

Dubya beat me to it.

Mr Mawk made a beautiful tutorial. I’d have a look if I were you:


So I usually do calibrate before taking off and this happened every time even without wind.

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Try it again on Solo with no wind. I would be interested to see the same takeoff but with no wind getting in your way

The tutorial that Levet posted above should be helpful.
Matt did a tutorial for crosswind procedures, check it out!

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Taking off with a tailwind, not enough takeoff power, and improper control inputs for a Crosswind takeoff.

Work on these 3 things, and you will be golden.

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Yeah I did not look at the wind before taking off, but it still happens with no wind. Also, i was using the same input controls and power as in Mark Denton’s new CRJ 700 takeoff tutorial. I also used a CRJ 700

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You made no Alerion inputs into the wind. At a certain speed you need to start flying the plane on the ground, the rudder alone won’t cut it.

It will also help if you don’t touch the rudder in the center but start on the far left it will give you more right rudder input.

Noted! Thank you for the help!

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Man… Please,calibrate your device before takeoff !!!

I explained that in the post.

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