Takeoff issue

Why sometimes when I rotate my plane goes off the centerline. This happened today and I simply had a 1kt headwind… can anybody help here

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Did you calibrate?

First check your calibration. Also if you have auto-coordination on turn that off. It doesn’t sound like a crosswind problem if you only had 1 knot wind.

Adding on to what @Drummer mentioned, remember to make small adjustments/corrections. Overcorrecting could be another cause of this.

It was a 1kt wind. Seems like a bigger problem :)

This type of thing has happened to me before. Usually, I’m using rudder wrong and/or overcorrecting.

This can happen if you’re rotating at a speed too quick. What speed did you rotate at?

Do you use rudder?

To put together the above comments, if you could say what plane you were in, what speed you rotated at, your load %, and your flap and trim settings, we could probably offer some good advice! You also should only be making small adjustments with the rudder.

This official developer video may help: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=foMDqdktlh0

Flying a plane takes a lot of work to fly it in a straight line. Even 1kt of wind considering you have a giant tail for it to act on.

Start off on solo with 0 wind and work your way up. Practice and rudder is the key!


Sorry I was at practice. I was in a 737 very light considering it was a 50 minute flight. I rotated at around 135 per what In Flight Assistant told me. I wasn’t using a lot of rudder

Did you calibrate your device first?

I think the main reason is that you try to rotate while not having the correct speed (to slow) speeds depend on your planes weight and conditions (dew, temp)


Veering off the runway usually only happens at faster speeds so that shouldn’t be it. You would just tailstrike.

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