Takeoff help

Please help every time I take off.my airplane keeps banking one side on 150 kts😁

Make sure to calibrate your device right before takeoff. 😉


Also to add on the what Seth said, make sure you are using a good amount of rudder to keep you on the centerline.


Thank you so.much I.appreciate it alot because at Heathrow it takes off fine but at Madrid spain it keeps going one side don’t know if it happens at certain airports😁thx for the help guys

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Yea no problem! Just make sure you are always checking weather and wind conditions.


The vertical stabiliser on a commercial jet is a pretty big flying surface hence it gets acted upon by the wind in a pretty big way.

During strong crosswinds the aircraft will have a natural tendency to ‘weather cock’ into the wind. So a cross wind from the right will cause the nose to swing to the right and vice versa.

To counter act this do as suggested above and use rudder to hold the aircraft straight down the runway whilst looking at the departure end of the runway (helps you pick up swing a lot quicker). As you rotate use a little into wind aileron to keep the aircraft tracking properly and slowly release any rudder.

The idea is to follow the departure ‘track’ not a specific heading so offset for wind.


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Thank you so.much I saw know that madrid spain had a cross wind dont know.if its the mountains surrounding madrid but I had cross wind Landing aswell dont know if youguys ever experienced it in Madrid to but thanks guys for.all the help💪💪

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