Takeoff half way of runway

Hey IFATC, as I started my first steps as an ATC apprentice on TS I stumbled above following situation: some of the pilots intend to enter the runway at the middle of the takeoff runway. What should I do? Is it up to the pilot that the runway is long enough (what about heavy airplanes?!) or should I go for progressive taxi instructions? Thx in advance!

On the expert server, you are allowed to put “No Intersection Departures” on the ATIS under certain circumstances. Unfortunately on TS, there is no enforcement against this so it is the pilot’s responsibility to make sure they can takeoff.


Thx for your reply. So, there is no specific command available?! The only option ist using ATIS?

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The backtaxi command may be issued but at the end of the day it’s down to pilot discretion. Just survive with it a little longer on TS until you pass your IFATC tests etc…

Clearing an aircraft for takeoff also gives them the option to backtaxi so at the end of the day it’s really down to the pilot to make a sensible decision.

Don’t ruin a pilots experience by forcing them to go a certain way just let that pilot takeoff and continue with your day! ☺️

What can I say… That’s Training Server 🤷‍♂️


Thx, that’s what I usually do. Despite that I want to act as professional as possible, even though it’s TS :)


I totally get that and am glad for one someone takes that environment seriously but it’s important to know not everyone knows as much as you! ;)

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According to the IFATC manual:

Intersection departures are a great method in which to optimize the departure sequence, and thus must be utilized unless it blocks the only taxiway for aircraft to access full length AND will affect the departure/arrival flow rate (if both these conditions are not met, they must be allowed). Controllers should not view intersection departures as ‘queue jumping’, but instead use it to their advantage to provide an expeditious service.

An airport like TNCM might require non intersecting departures due to the taxiway being blocked for anyone back taxiing off the runway. (See chart below)

Since you don’t have an ATIS option in the TS, I would utilize the progressive taxi commands.


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