Takeoff from taxiway👹

Good day IFC,

Here is a Video I made a while ago on the incident at KEWR with an A330 taking off from taxiway!

I would surely love your opinions on these type of videos and if you like them so i can decide to do more or not.

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I’ve heard about this, couldn’t believe the pilots would make such a basic mistake now with modern technology available!!

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Yes and specially considering the fact we have RAAS to avoid this!


Definitely you should make those type of videos, reminded me of Flight Channel on Youtube. Excellent work!
Think i saw you arriving/departed in KLAX a moment ago.
I was 2nm away from landing when the screen just froze😭
Some 11hrs flight for nothing really! 😤

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Yes i was the CRJ landing few moments ago, Sorry bout your crash. yesterday i crashed on approach from NZAA to KLAX after about 12 hours lol. I accepted my fate but i was angry since in the logbook it was showing unknown and didnt sense i was near any airport at all.

It has happened before unfortunately.
Was this aircraft RAAS equipped ? Not ALL are.

Yes keep providing this media pls.

I was just watching a youtube were an aircraft at Atlanta was given very simple taxi instructions to the gate after vacating the active and they completely screwed it up.

It was a very direct and SIMPLE taxi route to follow. It ended up happening because the PIC had the terminal and gate in their mind and were headed there on their own ground navigation. The controller read them the riot act.
Funny to hear…

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Yes but you know there are 2-3 pilots for a reason, 1’s mistake can be spotted by the other. This has been happening too much with a viva airbus doing the same thing a few months after this! We definitely need to get raas on as many aircraft, imagine someone is taking off in fog on a 1 runway airport with buildings on both sides, so if the enter on the taxiway they can collide to the buildings!

I fully agree with you, how about the Singapore Airlines 747? that took off on a closed RWY under constrution ! The RWY they should have used was next to them.

So no argument from me…just saying not all operators use RAAS. They should .

I noticed this was a Turkish A330, no excuse but a few incidents occur at foreign airports to the AC involved, Again no excuse not to see taxiway lighting and not runway centerline lights.

At least it was corrected !

Yes atleast they didnt do the full takeoff, this cant be a language thing because there was nothing telling him to skip the runway blindly.

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