Takeoff from Sydney and landing into Adelaide

Thought a few of you might like this, takeoff from Sydney and Landing into Adelaide, Virgin Australia 737-800, a while ago


Nice! And it’s not shaky too!
Any tips to reduce the shake when recording Takeoff/Landing?

I love that Qantas A330 Cameo :P

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That’s awesome! I’m planning to record my 757-300 takeoff in March.

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Prop your arm/hand on a nearby stationary object rather than trying to maintain still solely on your bones. Another way to reduce shakiness it kind of an easy way out by cheating. Lol. You can add anti-shake video stabilization when editing a video.

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Thanks for the tips! I’m sucks in recording takeoff/landing due to my shaky hands :/. I’ll try your suggestion. Thanks :)

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Tape the camera to the window.

I think there’s an object to tape it to the window, Do you know what the name is?

CFM roar! I do like the skyline there.
Some people look at me in a weird way when I record out the window. But it’s fun!

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Like a suction cup? I think Go Pros come with one. It’s not shaky for me using my hands when I push an iPad up against the window and get a place for my elbows to hold it steady. Or use the frame at the bottom of the window to keep it straight.

You gotta admit that roar is pretty amazing to listen, so much power in the engines, I love it!

Almost as good as the GE90 which is pretty cool for the CFM’s size 😉

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Yup, I just remember the name duh. I wish I can buy one :/

CFM is pretty familiar to narrow-bodies, Somehow I love them!

That new goat thingy should stick to it.