Takeoff during restart

Hello, as infinite servers are currently restarting, am I allowed to taxi and takeoff without instruction from atc? (when the server restarts, no one can see each other and ATC is blocked). The restart has been happening for 16 minutes now.
EDIT: The servers are now back up but an answer would be great for future restarts!

Erm ok I’m confused

You sure it wasn’t your internet mate?

yes because every saturday at 12pm PST the servers restart or something like that. there is always a message from laura that says server restart commending in 1 minute

Hey @Jackson_Kaiman
If you do the above while the restart is happening it is highly unlikely that you will be ghosted for it.

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ok, thanks so much!

If I were still at the gate in that situation I would just restart. What is there to lose?

That said, you can attempt to taxi, but depending on the situation, ATC may have returned without you noticing, and you may run the risk of a report. If that happens, just make sure you get a screenshot verifying that ATC wasn’t visible to you (I can’t stress this point enough…people say they have issues all the time but no one takes a simple screenshot when that’s all it takes; just take a shot showing only Unicom).

I would also be paying heavy attention to what’s going on around you. If you’re at KLAX and everyone is lighting up but Unicom is silent, chances are that ground has returned. If Unicom is active and the calls are voluminous, it’s probably safe to proceed.

It’s really situational. Controllers know the restart is happening, so you’ll get some give, but you’re still expected to maintain situational awareness. Taxiing through other planes or rolling onto the runway ahead of a short final is no bueno, comm issues or not. And, again, given that you haven’t travelled anywhere yet, the safest option is just to restart the app.

I was having some comm errors just before the restart, and even though it righted itself, I was still sitting at a gate, so I restarted. Why run the risk when you’re not losing anything by being proactive?

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thanks so much for the amazing response! I will definitely remember that next time there is a restart. Thanks!

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