Takeoff Crosswind Force

Do you have a replay?

I’ll find one

I thought this was something that was in game, i get it soo much and it can turn a good flight into bad one before its even taken off. Its especially bad when your doing parallel takeoffs as you lose seperation and yeah

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Noticed a few things.

What aircraft where you in?

How where the winds?

What speed do you pull and are you stable?

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You can use this tutorial to utilize takeoffs in crosswind. It’s really useful:

You should also answer @Helicopterzzz’s questions

I have looked at your replay.

Make sure to use the rudder. The rudder helps stabilize the aircraft on takeoff. Without using the rudder, your aircraft will roll to the sides.

Make sure to check out the topic that @Humars has kindly linked.


0knts = wind
135 knts airspeed = VR

Calibration then, if no wind? Just my two cents…

I always calibrate when I start rolling

As I’ve stated above, use the rudder.

Could you try doing this and then reporting back to us if it fixes the issue?

So I found in solo that when I had a 20 knt crosswind going 90 degrees to my right, instead of pushing me to the right which it should have it pulled me to the left

That is normal, so what’s the problem…??
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How do I stop it from happening or how do I reduce the effect

yea this happens to me

It is typical crosswind, look at some IF tutorials on YouTube. Use the rudder to bring yourself back to the Centreline.
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(the tutorials really help your understanding.)

There have been numerous replies above on how to fix this issue. I recommend a read.

I think the problem is that it is so sudden that it is to late too correct with rudder

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Then decrease your throttle speed for takeoff, this will allow more time to get ready to move your rudder.
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Rudder must be applied before rotation. The difficulty is to anticipate correctly the amount of rudder that will be required.