Takeoff crash

Again takeoff crash i hate that happened next update please fix it

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At a guess, you rotated too fast, slammed the tail and caused the plane to crash. Be more gentle with the rotation and you’ll be perfectly fine.


Can you please share you replay so we can see what happened?


it looks like u just crashed the plane bro

rip passengers


131 knots seems to be too slow for vR on a 777, you rotated too soon.


Your altimeter shows quite a steep angle without a high enough ascent, maybe that is why?

My takeoff speed is 181kts

That’s a little too fast, don’t you think? A good rotation speed for a B777, depending on its weight, would be between 140-160kts.


His velocity is not slow. Take off angle is not steep. I think it’s def games bug and glitch

You can’t just hop on the IFC with a snarky demand saying ‘This happened, fix it.’ with zero explanation and expect them to grant you that wish.

Have you maybe thought about the fact that it may have been your own doing and not the app? Try taking accountability before you go around passing blame.

Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.


No airplanes takeoff speed is 181… not even the V2 speed goes that high…


Can you please share a replay with us? Also 181kts is far too high for a 777 to rotate from what it seems like…

You had it happen before?

Yea i had that happened before

Nothing we can help without replay video. But, it looks like you strikes the tail or maybe pitch angle steep

I usually rotate at 165kts because once I’m in the air I have enough speed for a positive climb

I didn’t think there was crash detection for this. So I tried with a 777 and sure enough I was able to crash it without leaving the ground with an aggressive rotation.

Always something I didn’t know.

…But, after installing the just released update I couldn’t get this to happen for other aircraft types. I don’t know if it is the update or something else, but now I can’t reproduce a rotation crash on the 777 anymore either.

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These speeds are common on the 777-300ER and the 747-400/8 at heavy weights.

This isn’t the app crashing. This is the plane crashing, as in crash and burn. It’s not an app issue, it’s a user issue, most likely.

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Not 181… that would a V2 speed at maximum…