Takeoff crash

I’m taking off from São Paulo to Zurich I off the runway taking off why my nose is up and crash why?

Can you share a replay?

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you have too much trim or you didn’t calibrate properly?

Try calibrating when lined on the runway - makes a huge difference. Hold the device as you would when its level, pause, calibrate and continue. Imagine that the position you hold it when pressing calibrate is the nose straight ahead and level!

Hope that helps! :D

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not replying…

it’s only been a few minutes haha - patience :P

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I mean it’s been an hour since they have created the topic and we haven’t heard since, but you’re right I should be patient

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Ok my ground speed is 170 ready takeoff from São Paulo to Zurich but I try to takeoff it crashed

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What is your weight and aircraft?

Boeing 777-300ER oil is 84000-85000

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Kilograms or Tonnes?

Also how many cargo and passengers are you carrying?

Cargo 5600 passenger 80

84000-85000 kilograms

You could have potentially Rotated (Not enough speed) to quickly And have brought up the nose too high Causing the Aircraft to Stall and crash.

Hope this helped

but my speed it 170 is ready to takeoff

Did you stall or did you just take off and it said u crashed?

If it’s the latter then reset scenery cache. But if you stalled that’s on u.

Do you still have the replay from the flight? If you do plz share it

i just takeoff said i crash