Takeoff Clearances on Expert

Takeoff clearance this morning just a tad too premature…the yellow plane in front of me was red a second before the screenshot. I have noticed that the clearances are a bit too close together lately. Upon lining up to takeoff I was told to expedite. Of course I was delaying a tad as to not get too close to the plane before me.

This was at LFMN by the way. Not annoyed, just an observation.

When was this? If this happened a little more than an hour ago I believe it was @anon67310022 at the helm. I advise you to send it in the dms and bring the issue up with him.

Seems like you were given a quick take off clearance because the traffic behind you was on very short final.

PM Joseph for more information.

As Dylan said, especially at busy airport ATC have to be effective in getting deps out and inbounds in a short period of time. Usually when the previous aircraft has cleared the entire runway length (perhaps even before), a takeoff clearance is given so that may have been the case for you.

I would understand that but the aircraft in front had barely started its roll and I was cleared for immediate takeoff. Again, no big issue just seeing more of a trend lately when it is busy. I am sure it is hectic as can be operating ATC on expert so it can happen…

I even hesitated bringing this up to be honest.

ATC is instructed to anticipate seperation meaning that if the aircraft will be airborne prior to your takeoff roll a clearance can be given. The pilot is responsible for seperation between other aircraft in VMC weather you are IFR or VFR you are still responsible for seperation when airborne.


Ok thank you for the explanation


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