Takeoff Bug

Yo,so everytime I pitch upwards,in takeoff,my plane is steering to the right and I mostly roll of the runway…is this a bug or what am I doing wrong?


What aircraft are you experiencing this in?

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Every! And the winds doenst matter by the way

Would you be able to provide a screen recording or a replay to show how badly this is affecting the aircraft?

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Yes.Give me a second!

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Hello! Did you calibrate before the takeoff?

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Of course I did

Sorry im not able to upload mp4s here.I could upload it on YouTube,but in this case it’s not too bad but all my replays got deleted and they had way worse takeoffs

It may be happening that you’re in a angle that your yoke goes right

nope I am not doing anything wrong,so the yoke is correct

It would still be worth uploading an unlisted video onto YouTube or do a quick takeoff and send the replay. We can’t help if there’s no evidence. 😄

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Alr I’ll give you the link

https://youtu.be/Z98RtsTFVOI as I already said in this case it’s not too bad.But there have been way worse takeoffs with this bug.
And no it’s not bcuz if the yoke/tilt of my tablet,I just tested it

Oh and sorry for 360p lmao

That doesn’t look bad what’s wrong?

That the plane turns right after pitching up

Ik it’s not hard but usually it’s way worse

Thats the wind -_-

nope it’s not

Are you sure?