Takeoff at Hong Kong

Hello IFC, As you Know just hoping in for a thumbnail for a stream and messing around in solo

Server: Solo
Route: N/A

IMG_0356 (1) IMG_0355
Ok So which one should I use? I will be streaming this on Friday so technically the limit will be at the end of Thursday when I look through

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Let Me know what you think of them

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nice shots!

do you mind if i edit them in PsX?

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Tbh its your choice send me it when your done

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When will you be streaming. (to see if i can join) :)

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2021-04-17T01:00:00Z so between 9-10 I will start

What do u mean?

Thanks I might join you

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K send me a pm if u do

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Btw its gonna be form Hong Kong to LAX

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Alrighty Looks like Number 2 wins!!!

if u want the stream link then uh here it is (idk why I hesitated) INFINITE FLIGHT| Hong Kong to Los Angeles | Cathay Pacific 777-300ER - YouTube