Takeoff and Landing Information/Performance

Hi there, I’m needing some help based in takeoff and landing performance for all my calculated weight, runways, weather etc. I use sim brief but can’t find an OFP format that has it. I was wondering if anyone could help me out. Thank You

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This is quite a good tutorial for all your needs:


I wasn’t very clear about what aircraft. 737-900. It is a great link but does not have the aircraft I’m looking for.

Try google, google knows everything 😜


Except answer the question “how to make @RTG113 a better pilot”


If you want to use simbrief for takeoff and landing information, select either JBU or JZA OFPs and check “runway analysis.” Performance information will be after the operational flightplan section.


For takeoff perfomance, I have used to use this program
It works only for some airbus aircrafts (from 319 to 346) ,but I didn’t find any others for boeing so far…
there’re some website for this but they do not contain a lot of aircraft so…

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Thanks for help. That’s something I can probably look into later on flying Airbus and such.

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