Takeoff and Landing Competition @TNCS! | 1600Z | 2DEC22 | EVENT FULL!

Summary: Try to make the nicest takeoff and landing at the shortest runway in the world. Best takeoff and landing will get a shout out and picture.

Server: Expert Server

Airport: TNCS

Time: 1600Z



Gate 1: @pog_3r
Gate 2: @Flyin.Hawaiian
GA 01: @Infinite_Qantas
GA 02: @Artemiypilot
GA 03: @Topgottem
GA 04: @aditya_srivastva




  1. Please fly safe and follow ATC instructions/use unicom correctly.

  2. Please DO NOT spawn or come inbound with aircraft larger then Cessna 208. Your entry will be denied. If you do not cooporate, you will recieve a violation.

  3. I am not responsible for any violations you recieve.

  4. Have fun!

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@Edivan_dcds and I will butter this competition
Lets hope Edi doesn’t crash…

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Great. What aircraft will you and @Edivan_dcds use and what gate will you take?

We will come in a TBM-930

Alright. You have been assigned GA 01 and @Edivan_dcds GA 02.

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@Infinite_Qantas @Edivan_dcds also can you please mark as going thanks

3 spots left

Isn’t that supposed to be TNCS?

It is but for some reason it does not edit

I’m not sure if I want to die lol

How longs the runway?

Then think again before joining

1316 x 59ft
P.S: really short.

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You’re on i’ll take the CRJ-200 lol
I can do it barely, but I want the challenge

I saw the thing above but plz can I take it?

@Topgottem Dont do this please. Do it in solo if you want or with your friends

You’re gonna land a crj on this?

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Aw man oke. I understand. Can I take the a10 or the SR22?

You can take the sr22. You are signed up for GA 03

Oh really!? Oke thanks!
See you there.

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