Takeoff and Landing Clips

Hi Guys!
If you didn’t know, i have a YT channel and its based on takeoffs and landings. I would like to feature ur best videos (takeoffs or landings) on my channel. That is, of course, if u would like to share them. If ur pleased about it, and want to share (plus being featured on YT), send out ur clips :). If you’ll like to share, pls hide out airplane dots, other players names, and ur callsign.
Thanks and have a good day!

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You might want to change the title so it has better spelling so it’s more attractive to other people.


thanks, i’ll change it

I can’t send my vids via here, do you have an Instagram are something else?

sadly i don’t. Do you have google drive or Apple Files. Maybe if you upload just the landing or takeoff, and upload the file to one of those platforms and send me the link to it, then i can download them on my device. Thanks for supporting!


there is a link I have put together

thanks! I’ll send you the YT link when i upload it.

Great, I can’t wait to see the video, good luck!

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