Takeoff and landing checklists

In different stages of a flight the first officer or captain will begin a checklist to make sure everything is set for takeoff or landing. I think this would be very helpful in Infinite Flight as I have landed multiple times forgetting the landing lights so these checklists would help me and I’m sure lots of others.

I don’t really think this has to be implemented, as we already have a nice checklist app, namely IF checklists.


Ohhh is it free?

Click on the link my g

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There’s some 3rd party apps that have those checklists, it’d be cool if those checklist were added to the game. For now I recommend using the the 3rd party parts, add a bit more realism for the game :)

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Additionally, there are some preexisting topics on this. As you can see, they’re not incredibly popular.

Alright in that case this can be closed

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OP requested closure.