Takeaway violation

Hello i was doing a flight to Toronto in a 777-300 Turkish Airlines and somehow my gear went down by its self and stalled and gave me violation I would like it taken way because I did nothing to put that gear down

Did you happen to have any 3rd party apps running at the time? IF-A?

Your gear doesn’t just go down, the violation wont be removed unless you can prove the app had an issue.

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Nope not at all

Don’t have proof only the video but my phone want around anything that could push the button

Just need a mod in here because I can’t prove anything but this is honest, you have to put yourself in my shoes

Alright, do you have any animals around you?

I’m just giving you the facts of what the mods will say bud.

It’s fine but I’m just stressing that it’s not my fault and it should be removed

I don’t get it, please take it to a PM

Mods will be with you shortly. I have raised this to them.

Thanks for that

I was asking you if you have any animals around you. Cats, dogs, or any other pets.

Nope not at all

Okay, did you happen to be using a Joystick, yoke, throttle quadrant, or anything of that sort?

Nope just my iPhone

What was your grade before, and what it is now?

I mean, it is just a violation.

I just got grade 3 yesterday