Take us to the danger zone


Flight of 6 Team IFPHG . It’s a great day to fly



Well let’s call u the Jukes of hazard


The title suggested something cool, and we got a a whole crew of epic fighters. Amazing formation pictures ✈️


Thank you guys! This wouldn’t be possible without my crew 🙏🏽


It should be F-14s


This is awesome. And here i was thinking nobody else enjoys the fighters. Sick stuff


Amazing screenshots!




Wow, just wow


Well do it next post 👌 thanks for the idea @The_Geniusman 🙏🏼


Thank you all 🙏🏼👌 Happy Friday and see you in the global skies of IF 😀


Are you guys part of a VA?


@David_Driggers no we are not. We just know one another in real life 👌


No F14s no danger zone


Plz let’s do this in The Weeknd’s u know I love flying jets and formation more than anything


@KyleDepra we can’t make any promises but sure why not …Sunday 8 pm Eastern which is probably around 5pm for you 👌🏽


Can we fly thogeter @Wyn2x? I will do that with you.
But How to fly like threesome with planes?


Hey nice job


I’ll ask my team. We do formation because when we fly as one we are actually in the same room so we get to know each other’s moves


@Operator 🙏🏼🙏🏼 Thank you bro 👍