Take off

when I take off the plane pulls on the right. why?


It sounds like you have a crosswind. You can use your rudder to stay centered on the runway.


Also, be sure that before you taxi to the runway you recalibrate, you’ll want to be in a comfortable position with your device. If you change how you are holding your device after a calibration this will affect the pitch and roll of the sim.


It is likely crosswind

I’m doing everything right. but it takes off on the right

The usage of rudder isn’t helping you stay centered then?

See my note above about calibration. Make sure you have you device in a stable and position when calibrating.

While I’m picking up speed all is well, but as I lift the plane, pulls on the right

You may have to input some negative trim on takeoff. I find with the E-Jets they always have a tendency to get unstable over 100kts depending on weight/ winds/ trim

When you rotate use opposite rudder to counteract the winds :)

Again the rudder is your friend here. You will have to slowly ease off of it during the climb if you don’t want the aircraft heading to change abruptly.

can you tell me how you take off? and why do you need a trimmer?

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Thanks. And what is your installation for management in the tinctures?

My apologies, I don’t quite understand? Come again

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