Take off with smaller planes (like A320)

Hello Guys,
whenever I take off with smaller aircraft ( like the A320 or the B737 ) and it’s a bit windy, the aircraft steers strongly in one direction ( when I pull up the nose ). Is there anything I can do other than steering against it with the rudder? And no, I’m not a beginner anymore ;) and not too fast at take off either.
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Skill issues or use a different runway with better winds

Head to the wind and deflect rudder the other way, simple as that

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Is you auto-coordination on?

I suppose if you just pulled up really hard you could get well airborne before the wind has time to send you off the runway. But you should really just use the rudder.


No don’t do that :skull:

Alright, does it simply violate the terms?

Yeah, in the meantime it is also better but just wanted to ask if you can prevent it completely.

Nope, its not.

It’s just bad practice. If you actually attempt that you might tailstrike and crash or stall once you get airborne. The accepted answer is always to use the rudder.

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Crosswind takeoffs and landings take time to master. I like to use rudder corrections and aileron deflections to help maintain center line.
I strongly recommend checking out this video and trying to practice the techniques. With time you will eventually develop your own methods and skills with how to maintain centerline in cross-wind conditions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=foMDqdktlh0

Hope this helps!


Thank you so much🫶🏻


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