Take Off vs. Departure

I have been watching a lot of videos on Comms between pilots and ATC and I rarely if ever hear a pilot request take off at runway, I always hear request for departure at runway etc…

If you need references I can get that, but I am just inquiring if this would be an easy change or if it needs to be changed at all?

There is no real difference between take-off and departure. But, the biggest difference is take off ends basically when you reach the end of the runway, and departure ends when you reach cruise altitude.

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Yeah, I don’t post here often, but I read it a lot.


No need to close threads just because they are answered. Often time people will respond later with additional questions.

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Hey Maestro,
in my mind the correct phraseology (by ICAO) is „ready for departure Runway XX“.
So you are right. They changed it after the KLM crash some days ago to avoid miscommunication with the word take off. You only hear it, when you really cleared for take off.

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cleared for departure mostly Refers to IFR flights with a block time for departure. because when you file IFR you have to get a departure clearance where they give you a void. (a time when you can takeoff)

cleared for takeoff is mostly used for VFR flights with no scheduled times.

Still doesnt make sense when I watch pilots approach the departure runway and they contact tower with ready for departure RWY 9L departing NSWE…etc…

And considering most flights are scheduled, they should use ready for departure…

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Mmm… no. “Ready for departure” is what the aircraft should say to inform the ATC that they are, essentially, ready to be cleared for takeoff. The controller is the only one with the sole right to initiate an exchange with “takeoff” in it, i.e
Aircraft: “(Insert callsigh here) ready for departure, [runway] XX”
ATC: “(insert callsign here) Cleared for takeoff, [runway] XX”
Aircraft: “Cleared for takeoff [runway] XX, (insert callsign here)”


Right but in IF, they use the call ready for take off. I was merely suggesting to have it the way that you described.

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No I know, it’s just wrong. You’re not the only one to notice it or that gets annoyed by it, believe me.


Sure. I, like FDS and IFC all want this to be realistic, which I think should be the case for this and potentially corrected.

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Agreed. There’s a few little things like this in the ATC system…
Another example is how the radio systems at uncontrolled airfields are called ‘Unicom’, but here in the U.K. (among other places) they are called Traffic Systems/Radios. That one winds me up too, as it should be like “Sandown Traffic, …”

And I know there is only so much they can do, but these little things are what would really make it stand out, that they did actually pay attention to the details, among the more important things such as flight controls, layouts and stuff.


So true. So so true.

I 100% agree with you!

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