Take off vertical speed

I’ve always had this question. What is the best vertical speed as soon as you take off? And what vertical speed should i use for descent?

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Depends on the plane. If you’re in a C172, you won’t be doing the same rate of climb as an airliner. Need to be a little more specific. 🙂

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Let’s say a 787

2000-3000fpm would be appropriate. Something to keep in mind is this will vary based on your weight and altitude. You can do 3000fpm on the initial climb but once you get closer to your cruise altitude of FL360, you’ll be ½ that rate 1000-1500fpm at most.


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For the initial takeoff to 1500’ AGL-merely Pitch your airliner (most of them) to a pitch angle between 12.5°-18.5° (With 15° being optimal) and aim to hold a SPEED of V2+10-15kt


If your V2 for takeoff is 145kt, then you’ll want to pitch up to between 12.5° and 18° nose up UNTIL YOU MAINTAIN a V2+15 of 160kt.

Some aircraft are V2+10 and the same theory applies. Pitch until your speed maintains at the V2+10-15 without going up or down.

See this pitch for all Boeing airliners. Airbus is 12.5-20° on the A32X not 100% on the A350 I believe its limited to 18° (pax comfort/FBW laws)

Once you reach 1500’ you can pitch down to 8-10° nose up, take a few % N1 off (thrust reduction) and begin acceleration to 250kt. Hold the pitch angle of 8°-10° as you accelerate, then when you reach 250kt, punch in the VS hold on the autopilot and you can hold that to 10000’

Repeat the procedure at 10000’ reduce your VS, accelerate to climb speed (737: 290kt, A32X: 300kt A350/777: 320kt) and calculate where your TOC will be and adjust accordingly


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