Take off speed for the A319

What take of speed is right for the A319? Do you push the throttle all the way to 100%? What is a good take off speed for this aircraft?

Power depends on how much runway is left. 85% is usually okay.

Loads = Takeoff speeds:

25% = 140kts
50% = 150kts
75% = 160-165kts
(These are the speeds I use; they work fine for me. They may differ from real world procedures.)


Never push the throttle to 100%, up to 95% on takeoff is OK.
As for take off speed, it’ll depend on your flaps and weight settings, but I usually take off with 160kts.

wait why never to 100%?

Engine overheat IRL.

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ya but will that really happen in the game? im guessing not

It won’t, but just to add some realism.

No, but it’s a flight simulator, so you simulate real world procedures. That involves reduced throttle. If the power meter goes orange then you are using too much power.


To simulate real life procedures, using around 90% N1 (not power) is recommended. I go to 85-87% when light, 90-92% when moderately loaded, 93-95% heavy, and 99% for MTOW takeoffs. These numbers may vary due to runway length and other factors. I will go 99% if it’s windy, the less time at a high speed non-flight phase the better.

I believe that some real world procedures allow for takeoff thrust above 100% N1. Heavy 77Ws have T/O thrust at 105% if not 107%, but then again, we’re dealing with a 192 knot V2 speed there.

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The ones suggested by @Freddiefrogs seem to be a little too high.

With a weight of around 55.000 kg your Vr speed will be ~135 kts.

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100% should be used when making a go around on short final

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Usually, people rotating in IF rotate a lot faster than the real world, a little buffer is not a bad thing.

Pretty sure GA thrust is around 98% N1, or about 94% throttle.

No, GA is the same as TO thrust.[quote=“Danman, post:10, topic:23606”]
Heavy 77Ws have T/O thrust at 105% if not 107%, but then again, we’re dealing with a 192 knot V2 speed there.

That’s not true. A B77W taking off at MTOW rotates at 179 kts (V2 183 kts), and the N1 should never exceed 100%.

It can vary:

“In our company, on the Boeing fleet we call “Go-around, Set thrust” (Normally). We then press the TOGA switches once. This tells the aircraft that we are going around and it sets enough thrust to give 2000fpm climb. In sinking shear, this could well end up as Max thrust. However, on a cool day in a lightweight aircraft it will be significantly less than Max.”

Google the A319 POH you will find everything you need to know

You know that with 77Ws, numbers may vary depending on flap settings, and other factors. The numbers I’m quoting uses flaps 5. It is possible to use a >100% N1, but only when absolutely necessary, it’s horrible in terms of engine wear.

Yeah, I was referring to Flaps 15…