Take off speed and which you follow

So I was wondering which speed indicator you look at for taking off because I never know which one to follow so I’m guessing when I follow one of them I’m taking off and then the aircraft start going to the left so is that when I’m going to fast then

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You’ll look at airspeed, since that’s the speed of the air passing over the wing, thus creating lift. :)


If you are using the HUD, you must observe the speed indicator to the left when taking off. While you are rotating after a certain takeoff speed, use the rudder to stabilise the aircraft to take this aircraft in the air safely during poor wind conditions.

No, your aircraft does not go left because you are too fast, it’s because the winds are pulling the aircraft away from the runway. That is what the rudder is for.

before take-off, watch where the wind is coming. if there is a significant crosswind, turn aileron in the wind and rudder in the opposite direction, then power up! this will let you roll and take-off straight.
needs some practice of course.

Thanks you I’ll try this

Thanks for your help

You need to apply less aieron turn as roll speed increase, but keep the rudder all along. the difficulty is to guess how much rudder is needed. try in solo where you can adjust the crosswind.

Ok thank you

if it works well, you can use the exact same method on landing without having to decrab.

Could I ask to any of you how I control the ailerons (I do know what they by the way)

you turn your device towards the wind. make sure auto coordination on ground is turned of in the settings.


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I’m not sure if this helps at all:


Look at your IAS (indicated air speed). Don’t follow your GS (ground speed). On the HUD (heads up display), you know, that green thing, it is the thingy on the left column. In aircraft with active cockpits, it will also be the number on the left of the PFD (primary flight display), that’s the one right infront of you with the orange and blue horizon. Hope that helped.

@Lewis_McGarry… MaxSez: Much by guess data posted here as usual. Insufficient data provided to make a cogent decision; for example what type of aircraft are you flying. Is it a turbine or a reciprocator?

“For the great unwashed pls research before you bloviate. Unsure or just postulating the “Airplane Flying Handbook”, Available free from from faa.gov is your guide”!



This is to all of you I have tried to use the rudder and it sort of works but then I took off in a 777-200er and the wind was 4kts so as I pulled back it was going to the left again

Make sure to calibrate just before take-off!

I always do

Where was the wind coming from?

@Lewis_McGarry you can check out the dedicated Infinite Flight YouTube page which has plenty of detailed, visual tutorials that hopefully will be able to help you out as this thread doesn’t seem to be helping you much. I’ll link the page and 2 videos down below for you:

Hope these are of some use to you!