Take off Procedures

Hi, where can I find out information for take off clearance procedures in IF. To the point, as an ATC operator are you permitted to issue “Line up and wait” to an aircraft holding short when another is rolling on the runway for departure and there are no other inbound aircraft on final. thanks.

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If you check out #tutorials or the offical Infinite Flight YouTube channel there are lots of tutorials on ATC.

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I’ve read/watched most IF tutorials on ATC operation and I don’t think this issue was addressed or be it may too briefly to remember.

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You can use line-up and wait when the aircraft in the runway has began takeoff roll. Don’t use it if the aircraft is waiting on the runway for takeoff wait until the aircraft in the runway begins to move.

thanks for the quick answer!

The “line-up and wait function” is a great message to expedite departures. You can issue this command once an aircraft start rolling for departure or when another plane is exiting the runway after landing.

As stated above line up and wait is a great way of speeding up departures, I use it like as said above and also for intersection runway departures, if you have a smaller aircraft who can take off further down the runway compared to a heavy who has to use full length. It’s a great option when used correctly,

I also use it when i have either parallel or runways that cross.

For example if you have runways that cross.

You have an aircraft on final on one runway and then you tell the other aircraft to line up and wait and then you can clear him for takeoff once the landing aircraft has crossed the point where the runways meet.

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