Take off procedure for A350

I have been flying the a350 and taking flight plans from FlightAware and im trying to do a flight from VHHH-KSFO with an a350 and first time I crashed because i was stalling and I crashed and I want to try again, is there anyone who could help me?

I tried to look up a YouTube video but there arent any good ones of how to takeoff with an a350

Thank You!

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I take off the same way I do in most airliners. 80%+ N1, 10 degrees pitch while letting the FPV (Flight path vector) slowly reach 2500fpm and wait for the airspeed to get to 240, then set the A/P. Note that the climb is carefully monitored from start to level-off. How’s this for you? 😉

Also, this should help you as well.


What degrees do you set the flaps?

I rotate at 135-150 or so knots with flaps 1+F (the A350 is a lift beast). I use my pitch to increase my airspeed while climbing. Gradually, as airspeed increases, I increase V/S until I reach 2500 or something. That’s basically what I do. Make sure to pay attention to weight, flaps, retracting your gear, etc.

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1+F is often used, but if you’re really heavy, you can use flaps 2.

Ok Thank You!

If anyone wants to join feel free to

Here is my rotation procedure for the A350:

Flaps at 1+F
N1 around 85%
V1 around 140 knots
V2 around 150 knots
5-6% trim setting
5 - 7.5 degree rotational pitch

It’s seems that your V1-V2 speeds are a little to low. I have tried once or twice taking off from a 135knts and what happens is the angle of attack (especially at +2500 ft/min) is too high for sufficient air speed gains. The airspeed may remain stagnant or be increasing very slowly. Factoring in winds and other flight parameters and these are ideal conditions for a stall. Especially with the long haul route you have chosen and the aircraft being heavy on the account of that, I suggest rotating at higher V1/2 speeds. Hope this helps! 😄

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