Take off problems

When I load in the app and press fly and about to take off every plane on this game will not take off its like the yoke does not work for some reason

Have you calibrate before takeoff?

Yes I have calibrated and have uninstalled the app and still nothing it’s the weirdest thing

wait, did you connect a yoke from outside ?
if that is

  • what device are you using?
  • the way you connect it ?

I am using a iPhone 11 and no I am not

And you don’t have autopilot on when taking off, right?

No I just push the throttle and it does not want to take off

can you share us a video or your replay so we can understand more about on the issue.

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This might sound like a stupid question, but you have flaps and are pulling back right?

Yes I have done everything in my power to do take of for some weird reason it does not want to take off

Could you go to Settings → Controls and try moving your phone around? The Roll and Pitch axes should constantly change.

That’s the main problem it does not role in settings or in game


Sounds like you have an accelerometer issue. Try resetting all of the axes (pitch, roll and sensitivity) in the settings, and then restarting your device. If that doesn’t fix it, you might have to delete and reinstall the app.

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Try tapping the Roll axis, then Reset on the left, then repeat for the Pitch axis, and let me know if it works

It sounds like your issue is with your device itself, the accelerometer is stuck. Close Infinite Flight, power down your device, turn it back on, and then relaunch Infinite Flight.

Ok will do thx you

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