Take off power and speed

Hi guys. I normally use IF-asistant to know V1, VR, V2 but sometimes it doesn’t work I mean I cannot airborne when I reach the speed.

so how do you know those information except IFA and IFFPL?

IF-A’s V-Speeds always work fine for me - make sure that you set your flaps, weight and stuff and then set your V-Speeds using the Autofill button in IF-A - you should get correct values.

Unfortunately FPLtoIF (via Simbrief) and IF-A are the only ways to get V Speeds for IF.


thank you for the answer, I will try it again.


Keep in mind that only works for some aircraft - not all of them…

Thank you. Hopefully it will be improved in the future.

You could use this chart
Good luck!

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