Take Off Issues

So, I am getting the hang of almost everything except for takeoffs. Each time I attempt a takeoff, my aircraft (no matter what speed or type of aircraft) swerves as I rotate. It is not the wind as it is often going the opposite direction as the plane swerves. I have flaps set to 5 degrees and no trim, Tips?


I also am having this issue the best way to remedy that I have found for myself is to use rudder


That’s exactly what is to be expected actually, so it is the wind. You have a big flat surface on the tail as you’ve probably noticed, which is pushing the tail in the direction of the wind. And the nose then get’s pushed to the opposite direction of the tail :)

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Remember this next time you takeoff and you’ll be A-Ok👌

@ryleyw16… MaxSez: You’ve got a mind set and “Adverse Yaw” problem your not considering Pilot. Watch the video and consider “Stick and Rudder” corrections where required.

(The Rudder never operates alone all Yaw corrections are “Co-ordinated”.
Don’t know why IF Fledglings forget the “ailerons” all the time. They also forget the “Round Out” in Landing, Rotate alone don’t get it.)


Thanks bro. This helped a lot. I just tried to take off and it worked.


Usually on takeoff you should have your trim enabled. And when your taking off you should always be holding your rud incase any unexpected crosswinds occur.

How much trim should I use?



Depends on the aircraft, weight and weather. Generally I use 15-25% jets like 737, A330 etc. On aircraft such as the DC-10, MD-11 you can use 60-70%

Honestly, the best thing to do is to play around with it and see how adding trim changes the purple indicator on the trim setting area. Its really just guess and check, if you add too much trim, or use too little, its pretty easy to compensate with the elevator.

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