Take off issue with A350

Have anybody else noticed an occasional issue with the A350 when taking off? Right after lift off and having positive climb it sways crazily from side to side, even after connecting auto pilot. It stops when gaining more speed. Winds and turbulence doesn’t cause it. It’s not about stalling issues as far as I’m aware of. The issue have been there for a while so I believe others would have noticed it as well. This issue doesn’t appear with other aircraft.

I have noticed it, and this usually happens as soon as you switch to A/P after departure. Easiest way to combat it (for me) is just hand flying until IAS 240.

it is because your speed is too low for your weight, its a sign its about too stall this was mentioned many times in other threads .

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I don’t think it is. My speed is sufficient. I understand your suggestion, but it doesn’t fit the issue. As I mentioned, I don’t have the same issue with the other aircrafts and my take off speeds are about the same for any of them.

This sorta confirms that it is the problem. Check out this topic and do a few practice takeoffs on solo using various weight and flap profiles.

I also recommend you hand fly your departures (at least through 1000ft AGL) to fully stabilize and pitch for speed before setting AP.


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