Take off in 2018, land in 2017.

Thanks to an unexpected 10 minute delay, a flight has taken off in 2018 – and will land in 2017. The Hawaiian Airlines flight HAL446 was supposed to depart Auckland, New Zealand, at 11.55pm local time. China finally shuts down its government-sanctioned ivory trade However, it was delayed by 10 minutes, meaning it actually ended up taking off at 12.05am on January 1, 2018. The plane is flying to Honolulu, which is 23 hours behind Auckland. Because of this, it will arrive at 10.16am local time – on December 31, 2017.


Talk about time travel…


Illuminati confirmed.


Einstein was right… humans can time time travel!


subliminal message in Chris’s post haha


Basically every midnight Asian flight to US west coast goes back in time too nothing special.

Examples: Cathay Hong Kong-Vancouver/LA/San Fran
China airlines Taipei-Vancouver/LA/San Fran
Eva Taipei-Seattle/LA/Vancouver/San Fran

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I wanted to do this route but :(

I did a flight from 2017 to 2018, that was cool. w/ @MishaCamp. We celebrated 2018 somewhere over the Atlantic


This is really cool! Also, good for China to finally end that ivory trade.

I did the same thing on IF, from Shanghai to Anchorage

And me😡😡
Good flight though

Not important enough


I once experienced this magnificent time travel. Not as interesting as this though…
It’s always… strange to skip a whole day. I flew from ‘Murica to China on October 30rd. I landed on November 1st. Skipped Halloween.
Imagine doing a New Year countdown TWICE.

I hate to burst everyone’s bubble, except switching time zones does not count as time travel.

Human should measure time by when the sun sets, rises, and revolutions around objects in the universe (I.e sun, moon).

Time travel only would count if you somehow took off and landed at a sooner UTC time.

Time travel is technically possible, though, and we do it every day.

before you say “ we are constantly moving, or traveling, through time “ that’s not what I’m talking about.

Einstein’s general theory of relativity (which I won’t get into super deep) is a super complicated law.

But basically

You’re sitting on the couch, playing IF with your friend. You put your plane on AP and walk to the refrigerator (1 meter away) to get a soda.

You have just traveled through time.

Because you moved that 1 meter, you are now:



Older than your friend was excluding the time it took to walk to the fridge.


Hope this helps.



Oh yea, I’ve heard about that rule.
Moving around anything makes you older than it (obviously if you’re the same exact age).
When time travel truly happens on a observable scale is travelling at almost the speed of light and coming back to Earth… you might have aged 5 months while Earth has aged 100 years.

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yeah it pretty weird.

There’s also this part of his theory that explains the art of perspective.

You’re on a train that is going 60 MPH, and you drop a small rubber ball that you are holding.

Somebody happens to observe you drop the ball from the outside if the train.

You witnessed the ball going 0 MPH (horizontal speed)

And the bystander witnessed the ball going 60 MPH (horizontal speed)

my brain hurts


Yea. It looks like the ball is dropping mostly straight down for the person outside of the train, while for the person in the train it looks like it’s going backwards.

Anyway we’re going to turn this thread into a science-geek discussion. 😂


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