Take off - How much thrust do I need?

I am that kid to take off with full power no matter what and I want to improve my game so could people tell me what N1 and flaps they use upon takeoff.
This could really help me improve at the game.

I know this changes from plane to plane and airport to airport.

Thanks in advance


You mean what takeoff speed we use?

It depends on your aircraft and on the length of the RWY. But for airliners, you should use 80%-95% N1.

No the N1 Android flaps

It depends on what aircraft you are using. The total weight of your aircraft. Trim(if you use it).
Tbh the basic N1 reached for heavies and supers is between 95%-99%.

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I would reccomend taking a look at some tutorials on youtube to help make your simulation experince more realistic.
Ideally, there is a percentage count above the throttle. With N1 next to it.
N1 is the fan (or, fan speed) and is related to your thrust. The N1 should never display over 100%, (it does when you gas the throttle to 100%). Whenever i go on a flight, i calculate everything, like my V1 speed etc… My throttle never goes above 85%, because at 85% the N1 usually is at 90-99%.

Thanks this really helps

How does one is his trim correctly?
(Sorry for all the questions)

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Thanks for the advice

For trimming an aircraft take a look at these diagrams.
take a look at this article for a full explaination : http://www.aeroskytech.com/english/trim/trim.html

Happy Flying!

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Thank you so much for the help


80 N1 is way too low, at least 88 or 90 should be used.


Personally for jets I go 83% on the throttles which typically will give you 90% N1

For a light 787 on a 11000ft RWY 80% are definitely enough my friend. :)

Most of the time, you will be closer to MTOW than a light green. If you have no weight, I agree 80 is enough, although for anything else, you need at least 10 more.

For the A318-321 and 737 my thrust is around 87-90%
For the 777, 787, 747, A330 and A380 my takeoff thrust is between 82-85%

I take off at N1 100% on pretty much all the aircrafts I fly. The throttle settings would be different though.

For a 737, N1 100% would be 95% throttle.
For an E175, N1 100% would be 82% or 86% throttle I can’t remember

I take off at N1 85% and it’s pretty takeoffs for me but for JETS I’m usin 55-60%

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