Take off - Flight - Landing (KSFO-KLAX) Night Time

Picture Backgrounds:
1- In this picture, me (Delta 197) am parked at terminal F83 at KSFO. As I’m parked you can spot a FEDEX plane taking off. My intention for this picture was mostly to capture that aircraft performing a great take off…
2- This is a picture taken from tower at KSFO. You can spot me (Delta 197) taxing towards runway 28L and in the background you can spot two more aircrafts taxing and one landing…
3- This one is just an American Airlines aircraft with the classic livery taking off from KSFO. I thought this was a really cool shot to capture which is why I did. I like how I also captured that heavy in the background…
4- Now this is me (Delta 197) taking off from KSFO at runway 28L. If you pay close attention you can spot the gear getting ready to be put away and of course you can spot two more planes on taxi…
5- In this picture you get a passenger view from right wing as I go by some Southern California mountains as I started decent heading towards KLAX…
6- Me (Delta 197) taking final approach on runway 24L and at the same time you can see American Airlines exiting runway into taxi. Fun fact about this picture: The American Airlines aircraft you spot here is the sameone that I captured taking off from KSFO! I don’t remember the username for that pilot but if I did I would definitely like to give out a shout out!
7- Touch down runway 24L at KLAX! I love the way the picture came out! I promise you all I’m a good pilot but unfortunately for this landing it seems I forgot to turn my spoilers to “armed” LOL MY BAD 😬 However the landing was probably one the best I’ve done and definitely a very smooth one! Even without the armed spoilers I still managed to lose speed and break at a normal distance/time…
8- As I’m losing speed on runway after landing, I decided to capture this this great shot of another Delta aircraft and JetBlue aircraft on the background. This is one of my favorite pictures! You can also spot the engine on reverse as I lose speed…
9- Finally parked at KLAX! Reason of capture is to spot that heavy on the background ;)

I loved this flight, take off and flight were great and the landing was awesome! It’s been one of my favorite flights! It was also really cool how at take off it was foggy and by the time approach came it was clear views. I indeed enjoyed this! I hope you all like these pictures!

Flight Details
Server: Training
Flight Plan: KSFO- KLAX (Take Off At KSFO Runway 28L) (Approach At KLAX Runway 24L)
Time: Night Time (8:00 PM Local Time)
Weather: Foggy At Take Off (5% Or Less Visibility) Clear Skies On Approach (95% Or More Visibility)
Flight Duration: 1hr 10mins total time
Max Altitude & Speed: 25,000 Ft. 450 Kts (TAS) max speed
Side Note: Approach Was Made On The Visual

Proud to announce that I just moved up towards Grade 3 Pilot right after this flight!


nice pictures, good job

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fantastic photos. Love the 4th photo!. Keep it up

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Thank you guys! I really like how these turned out! And ikr! 4th pic was a great shot

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Congrats on Grade 3! But do remember to read the topics about the regulations of the Expert Server, so you’re not a short stay.

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Thank you buddy! Yeah I read them already, gotta pay even more attention to not break any rules. I definitely wanna stay in expert a bit long lol

Nice pictures!

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Thank you!

Very good pictures, thanks for sharing!

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Thank you! And no problem, l like sharing the good IF experiences!