Take off clearance

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Is it okay to wait a little on the runway if it is determined that the interval is narrow even if takeoff is permitted?
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You’re welcome to stop for a few seconds to spool up your engines while on the brakes if you were not instructed to take off immediately and you can verify that you have enough time to do so, however ATC on Expert server are taught to space aircraft our adequately. If you’re holding short of the runway, the earliest we can clear you for takeoff is when the aircraft ahead seems bound for rotation, assuming that by the time you are lined up and ready to go they will have left the runway (this tends to be about 130kts when I’m controlling). If you’re lined up and waiting, the aircraft ahead has to be airborne. When flying realistically, the amount of time it takes you to go from a standstill to takeoff speed will build plenty of separation with the aircraft ahead of you.

Of course, this all depends on aircraft types. If you’re a 747 taking off behind a Cessna 172, we will make you wait quite a bit longer.


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