Take off and Landing

Hi everyone,

Everytime I takeoff, and I lift up my iPad, when it’s calibrated I always seem to takeoff abit left or right to the runway never centre line straight how could I stop this?

And when I’m landing on I switch to NAV1 and line the plane up and I can manage to do that in the air. But when I actually come close to the runway I’m not centre line.

I HAVE video to share helping my topic but I can’t upload it how can I?

I think you have to learn how to do a crosswind takeoff, check the user guide.


Rudder! you can find out more below:

You are using APPR, correct? If not, you have to maintain centerline

I would suggest uploading it to youtube and adding a link here, I find that the easiest way.


Yo you sent the correct thing.

No I don’t use APPR when I land, am I supposed to?

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Not necessarily, but recommended to because it makes you align to the centreline and glidescope.

If you want auto centerline, yes, you have to use appr. Not all aircraft have it thought so some landing will need to be manual.

How can I maintain the centre line?

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Turn on the APPR[if possible]

I would recommend watching Dan’s video on how to land properly.

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