Take off and Landing Competition @ KMIA - 121800ZFEB17[Event Closed]

I am at the airport, ready when your ready.

Sign me up ready to go in Air Force one

Everybody spawn in kmia training server at your assigned gates

A little last minute but can I get in on this?

Yes you can you have a gate

Hey Kevin! I saw you on the other competition!

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Sign me up to compete

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Should we taxi to the runway?

My username at this time is obama

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Want an extra judge?

umm, We should taxi right?

I landed, not my best though.

The judge left? Oh well…

No he actually just took off in his plane, he is landing soon.

OK, I’m on my 3rd landing

I am in my second landing.

Event has ended, everyone left. Great job everyone!

Congrats to tmair for getting #1 landing! He aligned with the centerline perfectly! Smoothest touch down! And he croosed the threshold at 50 feet and touched down perfectly where he should have touched down!