Take off and Landing Competition @ KMIA - 121800ZFEB17[Event Closed]

Server: Training

Region: South Florida

Airport: KMIA

Time: FEB12,1800Z

Notam:Join us for our south florida take off and landing competition at kmia! Be there at 1800Z! We will be using runway 09! PM me if you would like to be a judge and comment below if you would like a gate! Gates will be the cargo gates as those are the ones nearest to 09! Observers please do not block taxi ways or runway! But you can park through on the grass with any plane just to enjoy the show!



Cargo atlas air w70:@LAHockey
Cargo atlas air w71:@Abhishek
Cargo atlas air w73:@Dossym
Cargo atlas air w74:@Jake_Rogers
Cargo atlas air w76:@Samuel_48
Cargo atlas air w78:@MadridistaPilot
Cargo lan w41@KevinMc88
Cargo lan w43@vacant
Cargo lan w45@vacant
Cargo lan w47@vacant
Cargo lan w49@vacant
Cargo lan w50:@vacant
Cargo lan w51:@vacant
Cargo lan w53:@vacant
Cargo lan w55:@vacant
Cargo lan w55:@vacant


I’d like to come but i guess theres no one up 'ere

Sign me up!! I am a good pilot.

Rojer that you’re sighned up! We will se you there

Can I be a judge please?

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Thanks, I am excited!

can we use any livery?

Seems kinda last minute to set this up today

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Can I have one gate please

I want to join as pilot 😂😃😂

I am on the server, just practicing.

37 min i wish you good flying

Add me please too…adde

Yes you could use any livery and you could represent your va

In 20 minutes good luck

You’re a judge park at infront of 09’s threshhold

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Yes you can have a gate

A bit of advice in future, next time try post an event 2 weeks in advance and plan it out better as well.

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Yes. Thanks next time i will plan it better but i want to do skmething today

Pls sign me up for a gate…