Take Me to the Danger Zone

Whether your flying into Lukla, Gustaf III, or Madeira, Paro will always be the most scenic and challenging approach. Today, I joined a few fellow IFBR team on their journey from Kathmandu to Paro. Passing some very scenic mountain terrain.

Parked at the gate in Kathmandu, Nepal is my Private A319 as callsign Zorro 319.

Departing Kathmandu Runway 02, V1, Rotaté, V2, Positive Rate, Gear Up

Passing FL350 over Lukla is a beautiful left-hand view of Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world at 29,029ft

Descending in Bhutan, here is a right-wing view of India, Bhutan, and Nepal all at once!

The sharp right-left-right turn into Paro on 2NM final

A surprisingly smooth touchdown into Paro of -70 V/S! Here is the slight adjustment turn last second before touchdown.

Here is my final approach route, 90% of us did a 360 before hitting the Final Approach cone which i believe is the real life procedure.


Cool photos, thanks for sharing!
First comment, lol

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Nice Kamryn! I flew the same route, with the same aircraft and livery and all earlier today lol. It was a lot of fun, slightly terrifying but it was a good terrifying. @Aceorbit was watching me though so maybe that’s why I was nervous

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I saw you landing on the map as i departed. Luckly @Aceorbit had to go right before i started by initial Right-Left-Right turn.

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How did you get the callsign “Zorro”? I don’t see it in the callsign list.


I’ll PM you. : )

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Its a RAF callsign :)

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Nevermind lol.

I was really expecting an F-14 here. Darn. Anyway, great pics!

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Dang, Sorry 😂

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Really cool perspective! Looks like a fun flight! ;)

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Love that title! And I love these pictures! The generic livery needs more love (haha)

I bet Jetphotos would take this one 😂

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indeed 😂

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When I read the title I thought 🎶 “Highway to the danger zone” haha!

Looks like a fun flight, do you need to go on the visual after a while or can you go autopilot until you see the runway.

Also great pictures 📷

I went visual after the 360, there are lots of tight turns that require hand flying after that.