Take home an A380

well um, I can put it on my street?

Dude the A380 made its first commercial flight less than 10 years ago…

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But it’s already old for SIA unfortunately. SIA is trying hard to keep their fleet age below 7-8 years old

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My mum and dad said I can have it.

They will pay…another one added to my collection.

I think that doesn’t make sense. We live in 2017, and in 2017 15-20 y/o planes are perfectly fine for commercial service. Some of LAN’s 767s are 12+ y/o. Many many many (many) airlines use planes that re older than 8 years. It doesn’t decrease in quality during its first decade of service. Once they pass the 15-20 year mark we could talk…

Just my opinion.

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I think Leasing is also one of the factor that supports some early A380’s retirement. I heard SKA is leased and won’t be extended again so she will be retired soon


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