Take home an A380


Anybody interested in buying this A380-800 to your home? From sources I heard, This is one of the SQ 380s that are going to be scrapped soon. As these oldies are going to be replaced by 5 new A380s delivered from Toulouse with new cabin by FY 2017/2018. It must be nice to have a private A380-800

Here is the Aircraft’s information :

2007-2008 Airbus A380-800 for Head-of-State VVIP Conversion Year of Manufacture: 2007 & 2008 Fresh from C-check, 6YR-check & 12YR-check Landing Gear fresh out of overhaul Engines on program by Rolls-Royce Total Care APU fresh out of overhaul Current layout 12F/C - 60B/C - 399 E/C

What would you do if you can have this A380?


Keep it in my garage.

Oh wait…


Is it free?

In all seriousness though, this is actually really cool. I wonder who will decide to buy this. I’m sure it has a hefty price tag so it’ll most likely be some sort of VIP or an extremely wealthy individual. :)



Seriously though, do you really need a business jet as huge as a A380?


Just imagine the salesmans commission on this.


Who wants to go half half? To much of a risk for me to go all in.

In all seriousness I quite like the livery, and assuming SIA take great care of the planes, hopefully the buyer won’t have any problems.

I guess they’d have to wait quite a while to sell the first private A380.


I wouldn’t take it home… It would become my home


Actually, Some early A380s have some problems. While I don’t see many problems with SKB, SKD and SKE. But I often see problems with either SKA and SKC. Maybe because of the fact that these two are some of the earliest A380s ever built.

But I think SIA occasionally do maintenance checks with their planes. I rarely see a significant problem of SIA planes excluding some minor problems. However lately, many SIA A380s are currently grounded with an unclear reason of the grounding


Does someone have a spare airport lying around that can fit an A380? My local airport can’t accommodate A380s. The pavement is too weak. We’ll figure out financing later.


Feed it some vegetables and i’d recommend a daily exercise routine until it’s strong enough.


I think I might, just gonna quickly buy my International Airport, wanna buy the A380 half half?

@SingaporeAirlines If you check FR24, there are a lot of SIA A380’s operating. 😉

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SIA has 19 A380-800. I believe around 3-6 of them were grounded a week ago. Perhaps they have back to service?

The Night Bank of Departures just started. Hence why you see alot of SQ 380s currently. A380s to AKL and SYD are currently airborne now and about to pass above Java Island in around 20-30 mins again from now

First Flights to Europe are going to take off in around 1½ hours from now. The numbers of A380s that are currently airborne are also including some Asian routes such as PVG-SIN and PEK-SIN.

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Yh i have a spare. You can have it for free. I believe it is 59CA…
should be easy to get out of there…


We need to get the whole IFC to pay a little bit so we can get it! And then we’d have to paint it in IF colours.


I was wondering how much a 2nd hand a380 would cost.

According to the appraisal firm Aviation Specialists, a 12 year old A380 will have an estimated current market value of $80.1m in 2019 in “half-life” condition.

From https://leehamnews.com/2014/12/03/at-what-price-do-used-a380s-make-sense/

For the sake of simple calculations, lets say its 80 million and all 20,000 members are active on the forum.

Each person needs to pay $4,000 xD


Alright guys, let’s all split up the costs so we can get this for the community xD
Edit: We could make it into the new FDS headquarters.


Time to dig for change in the couch lol


I could imagine news outlet reactions when someone buys it, as news is really bad with planes:
Breaking: Private Boeing 380 has just been sold! *Then they proceed to show a pic of a 747)


A private A380! An aviation enthusiast’s dream come true.

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Haha, that is and or would be probably true xD