Take Flight Magazine

Hey IFC,
I’m making a magazine and was wandering if this is a good cover?

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The white font might be a little bit hard to read on the background with the bright sky. Besides that, I like it


I like the cover! Is this for IF, real life, or both?

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I would reconsider the “headline”, it doesnt make me want to read it when I see a relatively immature title.


I rated 4 but only because it looks like a tail strike


I think it would look amazing without the white sentence in the background

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@TimShan05 it does look like the plane is having a massive tail strike.


Avoid, not aviod…

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Looks good a few things I would change.

  1. The title doesn’t make me want to read it.
  2. Avoid is spelled “Aviod”.
  3. White on white at the top of the page.
  4. Tailstrike
  5. This is supposed to be a magazine not a blog article.
  6. Barcode shouldn’t be on the front page. It should be on the back.

Be sides those things, I think it is really interesting.


This is a cool idea, all the small flaws I see have already been noted by @Crcoli737 and everyone else. The cover looks cool nonetheless!

Yeah, I agree wit’ y’all.

You should put a real picture for RWA

is that xplane or infinite flight

What is the name of the forum? There’s your answer.

It is Infinite Flight. He wouldn’t post it here if it was XPlane.

I like the idea of making a magazine but if your basing it off real life news I would use a RWA photo instead. Best of luck with it! 😀✈

It’s a joke for looking really nice.

Oh, I get it now. I thought you were being serious.

both IF and real life

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What’s the actual content gonna consist of?