Take constructive criticism or you won't improve!

Before i get started, this thread is not a Rant! Also in this thread we will not be naming anybody even if you know the person or people i am talking about, but this thread goes to everybody in general, so please do not call out any names as i dont want any shaming in this topic. Any who lets get started!
This goes to everyone in the ATC portion of infinite flight, whether you’re an expert IFATC controller or just a regular old Training server controller thats wants to control for fun or wants to control to improve.
I have recently noticed the amount of people that are training for IFATC are really sensitive to constructive feedback and will argue with somebody just because they gave him or her some criticism, this is not only very ridiculous but very dumb of you. Why did you make the thread to practice in the first place if you cant take any criticism? How could you possibly improve? Lets say Chuck norris is practiceing for IFATC and creates a thread so he can train, he controls yada yada yada and then NEO shows up and gives him feedback/constructive criticism maybe like oh you didn’t clear me and had to go arround or you didn’t sequence properly. Chuck norris throws a fit at NEO for giving him criticism, so let me ask you this? How in the hell will you become better if you’re easily angered or offended if somebody says you’re doing something wrong? You wont at all!
Also i have been seeing people open up a thread, then close up there thread five minutes later saying that no one is showing up. Ofcourse no one is showing up! Because no one has seen your thread, be patient! Wait twenty or thirty minutes, if no body decides to come in that time frame than sure close up. But dont close up right away as people need to see the thread first,
In conclusion some of you guys need to learn how to take criticism and use it to your advantage rather than using it as an excuse to moan at thre person that is trying to help you! Also stay open longer, closing after five minuted will not get you any where at all. I hope people that continue to do these things can take my advice from this thread and use it to their advantage. Thanks all and have a great one, Cheers!


It’s ironic that you complain about people throwing a fit, but then when people go off topic you throw a tantrum. Go figure.


You win again misha, you win again 🙄

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It’s funny how when people complain about certain things, then go on a rant going against what they just did, talk the talk, but can’t do what they say should be done.


I mean, Misha always wins…


Misha just mentioned that above, thanks for reiterating.

Like i mentioned on the original thread, this is not a rant rather giving advice to those who cant take criticism and that is all, the other thread with the off topic has nothing to do with this topic, thanks all!

No, it is a rant.

My suggestion: if someone doesn’t want feedback, don’t give it to them (and don’t make a thread complaining about it). It is their loss if they don’t want to improve, if that is the case, walk away with the knowledge you did the right thing.


Not really needed