Taiwan_Tryan’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @RCTP [Passed Written]

Hello pilots and officers, I am currently passed the written exam, and the actual training is coming to an end, I am ready to accept the actual exam, I hope you can help me, thank you.

  • Airport:RCTP

  • TimeZ:6/25 1300Z~1430Z(As the case)

  • Control seats:Ground&Tower

  • Controller name:VATCTW-Tryan

  • Server:Training Server

If there are adjustments, I will inform you in advance, thank you for your advice.


I’ll stop by

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Thanks Sir

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I’m here but it looks like you’re not online…

It’s not time yet

Please update your thread to ‘closed’ if you are not currently open. Thanks:)



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It’s you! I’ll try to come.

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Thank you~~~~😉

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I’ll try to join, make sure to tag me when you’re open


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@Captain_Paul @TheAviationGallery @lucaviness
Notify in advance:If you can help, will be at 1300Z on the time, thank you.

Hmm… there is no plane 😥, RCTP is currently closed, if possible, I will open it again.

I’m free now, so whenever you’re ready tell me

@Captain_Paul Sorry, time has passed, it’s a little too late in my area, can you help me tomorrow if you can 😳😁

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